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Our trip to Vegas and Zion! :D

VEGAS BABY, VEGAS! YAY! Our plane landed in Vegas, so that's where we began and ended our trip out west. We were on vacation for a total of six days, and it was filled with fun and adventure! It was a much needed trip to get away from the work and stresses of life. Sadly, my camera was shipped out to Nikon for repair before we left, so that was a bummer. But I got to take some shots with my moms camera, so it was ok. And another thing that was left at home was my brother, Michael (he had to work and go to school). We missed him, but I hope he enjoyed having the house to himself all week anyway. :D ...and if you are wondering why I chose this song to go with this post, you will understand in just a moment. :DThis was the show that we saw in Vegas on our last night there! Cirque de Soleil's Beatles love show. I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!! It was my favorite part of the whole trip! It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Sadly, they didn't allow pictures... (I got a couple on my phone though. :D tehe)This was our first day in Vegas after the plane landed. We ate at my favorite buffet in Vegas; CRAVINGS (thats the name of it... :D ) It has the most amazing food ever.Family ATV trip for 3 hours! It was amazing. We all really loved it.I LOVE ATV's!This lake was really pretty, and off in the background was a volcano.We rode the ATV's in the giant sand dunes! soooo fun. :D
This is the hike up to a place called Angel's Landing. My mom and John made it to the top, but my dad and I chickened out of the hike. This is the first time any of us made it up to the top, and the next picture will explain why...If you can't tell, this is a GIANT cliff that you have to climb to get to Angel's Landing. It's a straight fall down on BOTH sides... and it was a very steep 2.5 mile hike just to get to that point, so you can imagine its kinda hard. All you hold on to is a CHAIN! I don't put my life into the grasp of a CHAIN!!! It's kinda funny because there a couple chain spokes missing and you wonder what happened there... I backed out of it after we started the 1/2 mile walk of chains. Its a TOUGH hike. (my mom took this) Reflection of Zion national park in our car.

John went golfing in Mesquite, NV on the way back to Vegas.
He LOVED it! Great course.
JIMMY BUFFETT'S MARGARITAVILLE! Every time we go to Vegas, I wanna go here, so we finally did on this trip! Best cheeseburger I have ever had. End of story. *Cheeseburger in Paradise!*

I've never seen this before, but it was yummo!

sooooooooo good.
I find it amazing when i see a McDonalds with an escalater! Too funny.

This was at lake Las Vegas at sunset. It was gorgeous.

M&M's WORLD! I love that place. :D
This is at the PARIS hotel. :D
and this is it INSIDE! The hotels are sooo grand and awesome.
Chillin' at the pool at Luxor, our hotel.

Our last day of vacation in Nevada. Trying to soak up as much sun as we can!

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nolly said...

Oh my, Lauren, your pictures are sooo good!! And your vacation! I mean, Las Vegas? ATVing in the dunes? Awesome!! I loved looking at these pictures.

Whoa! My family climbed Angel's Landing a few years ago!! It was sooo cool! Aw come on, why'd you back out? Risking your life is half the fun of it! Really, though, I know how you felt. When we went, there was this teenager who was almost crying because she was afraid of heights.